TREEFROG self assessment system 

Also available with Portuguese hints.

TREEFROG is a Windows based system to help students learn to manipulate simple algebra, mainly at the British Key Stage 3, or ages 11-15. It replaces written practice exercises, offering instant feedback on whether each step is mathematically right or wrong; but it can accept a very wide range of solution methods. In some cases, a hint can be provided to tell the student what to do next. It can be used by learners at home, but mainly as a support to teachers supporting children working in a laboratory situation. Each part of the screen shows a pop-up hint as the mouse pointer passes over it, allowing rapid mastery of the program. Here is a screen shot of a question;

money example

Other topics include expanding brackets, collecting terms, solving linear, quadratic and simultaneous equations, transposing formulae, word questions and complex numbers.

The software is offered as shareware; that means you can try part of the software (linear equations) in your school or at home for as long as you like; if you want to use TREEFROG in other areas of mathematics you will need to purchase a license. To download the software, click on the following link (while holding the left mouse button if necessary);

Treefrog for Windows demo. You can save this to any directory, and then run SETUP.EXE (or run it from the present location if your browser allows this). You can also request a copy on disk by post using the details on the online manual, from the following link.

Online Manual for the TREEFROG software.

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