The following links should enable you to download the software. If it doesn't seem to save it to your hard disk, try clicking the link with the left shift button held down.

TREEFROG 2 demo as self-extracting zip file. Copy to a new directory (not the same one as TREEFROG 1.x) and type


TREEFROG 1.5, MATHQUIZ and MACFROG in self-extracting .EXE file. Copy to chosen (empty) directory, and type


MacFrog documentation in pkzipped Word 2 format. Use PKUNZIP.

Just the readme file for the above.

If you prefer to use anonymous FTP directly, the location is

and the directory is


containing the following files;

TREEFRG2.EXE    version 2.0 Treefrog demo with Macfrog

SLOTH.EXE          Treefrog 1.5, Mathquiz and Macfrog

GUIDE.ZIP             pkzipped documentation for MacFrog

TREEFROG.DOC  Word 2 copy of MathSkills article.

README.TXT       ReadMe file for v 1.5.

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